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Psychic Mix Cookie Policy

Last updated on 20 May 18


The Websites of Psychic Mix ( & use cookies. But what are those exactly and why do websites need them? And most important: can I choose to deny them access, delete them, and what happens if I do? Or do I need to manage them at all? This and more will be answered in the following text.


What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies help to make a website look better and work more efficiently for you. They are basically small data packages containing information about the website you visit. Those bits of information will be saved in your internet browser, so that whenever you visit that website again, the website will know that you’ve been on it, before by realizing that your browser stored relevant info about that particular website and can show you a more personalized page (e.g. “welcome back”). Each website can send its cookies to your browser, providing your internet browser set up allows cookies to be stored. There are several reasons for sending cookies. Some websites do this e.g. in order to report on website traffic or analyze the usage of their contents. Even though cookies will be stored in your browser on your computer, its corresponding website can only use its own cookies and not those which might have been provided by other websites, and again, of course, only if your browser setup permits it at all.


How to manage cookies

Since cookies are stored in your internet browser, you can manage them there. Depending on which browser you use, there will be different ways of how to change the setup and how to save your preferences. You maybe need to use the HELP menu of your specific browser to guide you. But what they will have in common is that you can decide whether to accept all cookies, block all cookies or select individually which ones you want to allow and which ones to deny access. You can also decide to set up your browser so that it knows when cookies have been set. The same applies to your mobile phone browser. Here you can also set your device to accept or block all cookies etc. Please note that you may not benefit from all tools and features the website has to offer if you decide to disable all cookies completely. Depending on what kinds of cookies the website uses, it might not even function properly. See more about the types below.

What kind of cookies are there and how does Psychic Mix use them?

You will find the following types of cookies at Psychic Mix:


Cookies, which are strictly necessary

Those cookies help you for instance to navigate between Psychic Mix pages. They will store information about previous pages, so that you can easily jump to and fro between them. They also store personal information like login details. This also helps when you are logged in because you don’t have to provide the website with your login data every time you change pages. Ultimately, these cookies are necessary to enable the service Psychic Mix offers and you wish to use. But don’t worry, those cookies are not there to gather information about your internet habits or for marketing. As mentioned above – cookies from one website will only be used for this particular website and do not communicate with others.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are mainly used by Psychic Mix for internal analyzing and optimizing purposes to help us to provide an agile and informative website. It helps us to understand how you use Psychic Mix and how we can improve our website even further, how to present our contents better, and how to make our pages more attractive (for instance in gathering information how often a specific page has been requested, etc.) However, some performance cookies are provided by third parties and therefore are used by third parties as well. But please note that the information we receive by performance cookies is anonymous and will not be linked to you or your computer. One of the third parties that Psychic Mix allows is Google Analytics. The anonymously gathered information may be shared with other Google Analytics users if required to do so by law.


Functional Cookies

To improve your experience with Psychic Mix, functional cookies are used to store things you set up with us like your most favorite readers, currently visited profiles, etc. It saves you the time to enter everything all over again and helps you to enjoy browsing through our website more easily. However, it is important for us, that you know that your provided choices will only be used for OUR website in

YOUR account.


Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies are necessary for Psychic Mix to interact with social networks such as Facebook. If for example, you wish to let friends participate or post a message, these tracking cookies will be needed to allow this exchange.


Local Shared Objects (Flash Cookies)

Psychic Mix provides a generous amount of features which are often used by a lot of our customers. Some of those features need extra programs to work efficiently. Our chat and video chat products, for instance, both use Adobe Flash. Those programs use cookies as well. They are called Local Shared Objects or Flash Cookies and work similarly to normal cookies. They are stored the way normal cookies are but they cannot be managed in your browser set up as they are not “bound” to a specific browser. To manage them you need to enter the Adobe Setting Manager.


Third-party Cookies

Sometimes websites also offer services to other companies or websites or use services from other websites. They interact to provide a better or more varied service for you. Those other websites are known as “the third party“ and they also use cookies. That basically means that not only Psychic Mix uses cookies and stores them in your browser but also websites that work together with us. The third-party cookies used by Psychic Mix are from Facebook and Google Analytics.

Visit if you want to read more about cookies.

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