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The Merry Man Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscope 20th March - 26th March 

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his desires for secrecy. We honestly don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows!



“The heavenly gold which guides us home”

21st March – 19th April

As the New Moon approaches, a great mystery unfolds before us. We sense the shifting energy around us, whispering of secrets and hidden truths. There are forces at work that we cannot see, nevertheless, we can feel their presence. The veil between our world and the other side grows thinner, and we are invited to peer through the cracks and glimpse what lies beyond.

In this ethereal realm, we find answers to questions we did not know we had. We see visions of our future selves, beckoning us toward our destiny. But beware, Aries, for not all that glitters is gold. There are dangers lurking in the shadows, waiting to ensnare us. The key to unlocking our true potential lies in our intuition, for it is the only guide we have in this mysterious realm.

As we journey through the unknown, we must trust in our instincts and listen to the whispers of the universe. Only then can we unlock the doors to our true purpose. Remember, the path ahead is shrouded in mystery, but the key is within us. DF 349 05



20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands"

Behold, as we draw near the threshold of the new lunar cycle, a mystifying and rare occasion presents itself. The cosmos shall merge in perfect harmony, ushering in a season of profound transformation and reawakening, beckoning us to shed our old skin and embrace new opportunities.


During this time of great change, we shall navigate the challenges that lie ahead. But fear not, for we possess an unwavering spirit and the ability to see through the veil of uncertainty. Let us trust in our intuition and remain open to the enigmatic signs that the universe sends our way.


Remember that on this mysterious journey, we are not alone. Let us seek the support of those around us, and offer our strength in return. Together, we shall weather any storm and emerge even more resilient.


May the energy of the new moon illuminate our true path, and may we be guided by the arcane wisdom that resides within. The secrets that shall be revealed are not ours to share, but for us to unravel.  TS 502 692



“Reunited in the Heavens of everlasting love”

21st May – 20th June

As the waxing moon approaches, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of great opportunity, Gemini. This is a time for reflection and consideration, for we stand on the precipice of change, and the choices we make now shall shape our destiny for the months to come. With the energy of the new moon at our backs, we are infused with a sense of purpose and direction, and it is up to us to harness this power and use it to our advantage.


It is important that we remain grounded and centered during this time of transition, for the path ahead is not without its challenges. But fear not, for we are strong and resilient, and with our feet firmly planted on the earth, we can weather any storm that comes our way. Remember to trust in the wisdom of the universe, dear Gemini, and have faith that the journey ahead shall lead us to where we are meant to be. PK 702 49



“The eternal protector, blessed by the hand of Gods”

21st June – 22nd July

The universe is stirring, Cancer, and we must be prepared for what lies ahead. With the new moon approaching, we may feel a shift in our emotions and a desire to retreat into our inner worlds. Trust these feelings, as they may hold the key to unlocking deeper truths within ourselves.


Be wary of those who seek to disrupt our inner harmony. Their intentions may not be what they seem, and their actions could lead to unforeseen consequences. We must remain vigilant and protect what is ours, but also remember to show compassion to those who are in need.


As we navigate the waters of our emotions, we may discover hidden strengths and talents that have been dormant within us. Embrace these newfound abilities and let them guide us toward our destinies. The universe is always watching, and it rewards those who are brave enough to follow their hearts.

 RA 349 692



“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”

23rd July – 22nd August

In the midst of Leo's fiery blaze, a cosmic message is being conveyed. During this new moon phase, we are called to delve into our deepest desires and unleash our wildest selves. Allow the universe to guide us on this journey, for it may lead us to unexpected places.


Beware of those who seek to extinguish our flame, for they are not in alignment with our path. Trust in the power of the stars to guide us toward those who shall nourish and encourage our passions. It is in the face of adversity that our strength truly shines.


As we embark on this mysterious journey, we may encounter strange symbols and signs along the way. Pay attention to these omens, for they hold a hidden meaning that can only be deciphered by our intuition. Embrace the unknown, and the universe shall reward us in ways we could never imagine. BW 92 05



“Transcend before me, Mother of fertile dreams”

23rd August – 22nd September

Under the new moon's light, let us embrace the changes it brings. This new moon holds a special significance for us, Virgo. We shall find ourselves eager to embark on new journeys. It's a time to seize opportunities and make bold moves. Trust our instincts, and let our actions reflect our innermost desires.


We must be wary of our tendency to overanalyze and criticize ourselves. Behold, let us not forget the enigmatic truth that our imperfections hold. They are the very essence that makes us unique, and in turn, infinitely precious. For it is in the mystery of our flaws that we unlock the secrets of our being and discover our true selves. Let us embrace the enigma of our existence and treasure the cryptic wisdom that lies within. Embrace self-love and positive affirmations. Our inner radiance shall attract people and opportunities that align with our goals.

As the stars align and the universe whispers its secrets, let us seize this moment to shed the chaos that surrounds us and embrace the organization. A tidy environment holds the key to unlocking the enigma of a clear mind, allowing us to navigate the unknown with clarity and purpose. Trust in the journey that lies ahead, for it is shrouded in mystery and adventure. Let us revel in the enigmatic path before us and allow the universe to guide us on this beguiling journey. RH 296 39


“Justice balanced by the essence of love”

23rd September – 22nd October


Under the light of the new moon, Libra, we are called to balance the scales of our lives. Our minds may be clouded with confusion and indecision, nevertheless, trust in the wisdom of the universe to guide us to clarity. This is a time for reflection, for examining the patterns that have brought us to this point. We must be willing to let go of what no longer serves us, to make room for the new beginnings that await.


Our relationships shall be in focus during this time, and we must strive for harmony and understanding. Beware of those who may try to disrupt our peace, however, also be open to the lessons that can be deciphered from conflict. Remember that balance is not always easy to achieve, nevertheless, it is necessary for our growth and evolution.

Trust in the journey, Libra, for it shall take us where we are meant to be. The universe is conspiring in our favor, and we must have faith in the magic that surrounds us. GG 793 06



“The King of Kings. The Hunter of Hunters”

23rd October – 21st November

The stars are aligning in mysterious ways for us, Scorpio. Be on the lookout for subtle signs and signals from the universe. A new moon is approaching, bringing with it the promise of transformation and rebirth. Embrace this energy and allow ourselves to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. The road ahead may be rocky, however, trust that we have the strength and resilience to navigate it.


Beware of those who may try to deceive or manipulate us, Scorpio. We are intuitive and perceptive, however, we must also remain grounded and practical in our decisions. Our passions may run hot, but let us use this intensity for positive change and growth.

Take heed, for the mysteries of the universe await those brave enough to delve into the unknown. Let us shed our old selves like a serpent casting off its skin, and embrace the enigma of new beginnings. The path before us is fraught with challenges, nevertheless, we shall emerge stronger and more resilient with each obstacle we overcome. DL 169 413



“The eternal gift. For I am the reliever of sorrow"

22nd November – 21st December

As the new moon arises, we are reminded of our limitless potential. The future is full of mystery and magic, and we are the masters of our own fate. Let us harness the power of the unknown, and trust our intuition to guide us towards our true destiny. For within us lies a secret, a key to unlock the door of our ultimate purpose.

But beware, Archer, for the road ahead is treacherous and full of webs. Remember, the greatest enemy lies within. We must conquer our own doubts and fears if we are to succeed. So let us journey forth, fearless and strong, for our fate is ours to claim. The journey ahead will challenge us and test our resolve. But fear not, for we are blessed with a steadfast spirit and an unwavering intuition that will guide us through the darkness.

As the veil thins, we must tread carefully through the mists of uncertainty. Trust in the whispers of the spirits and the intuition within. A decision looms, and we must choose our path wisely, for the consequences shall be far-reaching. Remember, not all is as it seems. Look beyond the surface, for hidden truths await those who seek them. HT 625 602



“As the sands fall, the gate of the Gods shall rise” 

22nd December 19th January

Capricorn, we stand at a crossroads of great importance. This moment demands our unwavering attention, for if we rush ahead without careful consideration, we risk losing sight of our true purpose. Only those of us who are brave enough to embrace the transformation that awaits shall bear witness to the revival that lies ahead. We must stay true to our plan, for any deviation from our course could leave us stranded in familiar yet unfulfilling terrain.


Let us speak honestly with each other, for only then shall we cultivate the bonds of loyalty that shall see us through to the end. The time has come to face the questions we have long avoided, cast aside our fears, and embrace the unknown. A messenger brings us tidings of great import, and we would do well to heed their words. For they hold the key to unlocking the final door and realizing our full potential.


The upcoming new moon is a powerful time of change and manifestation, and we must be ready to seize the opportunities it presents. With acceptance and determination, we can overcome any obstacle and fulfill the destiny that calls to us. So let us act now with courage and conviction, and wipe the slates of time clean as we step boldly into the future. MO 956 05



“We are the keepers of knowledge, the bearers of dreams”

20th January – 18th February

As the new moon approaches, Capricorn, we must embrace the unknown and dive deep into the abyss of our subconscious. Only by exploring our darkest fears and desires can we unlock the secrets to our true purpose. Remember that our greatest skeptic lies within, and only by confronting it can we achieve true mastery. Perseverance is the key, as we navigate through the uncharted waters of our inner world.

Let go of the need for control, and allow ourselves to surrender to the flow of the universe. In this surrender, we shall find the strength to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles. Trust in the power of the cosmos, and we shall discover the hidden gems that have been waiting for us all along. The universe is guiding us, even if we cannot see it.


As we embark on this journey of renewal, we must remain vigilant and resolute in the face of any adversity. Let us trust in our intuition and allow the enigmatic signs of the cosmos to guide us towards our true purpose. For it is only by attuning ourselves to the mystical energies of the universe that we can fully realize our potential. RK 286 69



“A tale of two tails bound together with eternal love”

19th February – 20th March

In the depths of Pisces' subconscious, there are hidden truths waiting to be revealed. The new moon shall bring clarity, but only if we allow ourselves to dive into the unknown. Trust in our intuition and let it guide us through the dark waters of our psyche. Embrace the unseen and the chaos that comes with it, for it is in the chaos that we find our true selves. We may feel lost and overwhelmed at times, but remember that the journey itself is the destination. Our destiny is not predetermined, rather it is shaped by the choices we make and the paths we take. Trust in our inner voice, for it holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.


Remember that our emotions are a powerful tool, and can provide insight into even the most complex situations. Use them wisely, and do not be afraid to dive deep into the murky waters. There, we may find hidden treasures and revelations waiting to be discovered. 


The path that lies ahead is fraught with challenges, nevertheless, heed these words, for the cosmos has ordained us for magnificence. Gird ourselves with bravery and resolve, and the universe shall shower us with its abundant blessings. JD 479 29

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