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The Merry Man Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscope 1st August - 7th August 

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his desires for secrecy. We honestly don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows!



“The heavenly gold which guides us home”

21st March – 19th April

The unforeseen is a gift. A donation of energy. It shall spur on the uprising. And initiate the revival. The well has been replenished. We are ready. Now we must begin the process. Now, we must organize ourselves. Formulate. Combine. Our actions in these times shall alter the course. It shall unearth the remaining few shards. The understanding of self shall rise. Nevertheless, all shall be lost if we refuse to act. We are integral to the system. Those who sleep may only dream. Utilize this energy, Aries. There is no reason to hesitate. Why continue to lay limitations upon the pathways? The opportunity is here. All we must do is open our eyes, believe, and be brave. Follow the emotions and the answer shall be ours. JL 685 145



20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands"

The discouraged mind shall be no more. We shall be rejuvenated, Taurus, as the truth finally enters our realm. Accept this knowledge and fresh energy streams shall begin to flow. Then, we shall be freed from distraction. Then, we shall see with clarity. Nevertheless, we must not be impulsive with our actions. There is much still to unfold. The finalizations must be in place. We shall scale the mountain before us. And this time, we shall not lose our footing upon the ascent. The view beyond shall be worth the wait. We shall gaze upon the answer. However, to truly utilize the answer we must allow honesty to reign throughout the circle. BA 254 63   



“Reunited in the Heavens of everlasting love”

21st May – 20th June

The imbalance of the system is nearing its end. A reward for our patience. A powerful compensation indeed. Now we breathe. Now, we embrace the still. We must allow the trinity of heart, mind, and soul to flourish. Allow it to heal. Fear not, for there shall be time for action and discovery. And that time is quickly approaching. Nevertheless, those who progress too hasty shall merely hinder the process, thus reinforcing the imbalance once more. A vicious cycle. One we have endured many times. Better we rest and recuperate. Better we plan. Our time shall come. Now, we must liberate ourselves from the trivial and identify what is truly lacking in our lives. Once our journey begins, this shall be the key to our attainment. MR 132 496        



“The eternal protector, blessed by the hand of Gods”

21st June – 22nd July

The timelines we seek are of our choosing. The journey, also. We are ready to begin. However, we must not travel, simply for traveling's sake. We must understand the destination. We must understand the reasoning. If not, then what is the point? What was the point? We are entering a time of revaluation. A time of adjustment. Use this time wisely, for the quest before us shall be futile if we allow doubt to reign supreme. The horizon demands it so. It demands we are free from suspicion and regret. A voice inside seeks to guide us. We must seek out the quiet and listen. In time, we shall understand what must be done. We shall understand the meaning. Then, we must decide— do we remain, or do we venture forth?       



“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”

23rd July – 22nd August

We must seek to replenish that which is absent. We must seek to rebuild that which is broken. Accept the fires that burn within us. Embrace them. Learn from them. The extinguishment of the flame is rarely the answer, for it is a torch that leads us through the dark. Protect the flame. Conserve our energy. Our day in the light is quickly approaching. Our time. However, we must not overload our capabilities. We must not deplete our stores. Worthier endeavors await. We still have time, Leo. The alignments shall guide us, showing us the truth of what lurks behind the final door. We must prepare. We must accept what is shown. And then, we shall rise to the challenge and conquer the unknown. TD 77 853     



“Transcend before me, Mother of fertile dreams”

23rd August – 22nd September

The acknowledgment shall bestow serenity upon the timelines. Behold, order, and understanding rising upon the horizon. This could be the beginning. This could be the answer we seek, Virgo. Act now, and we shall find ourselves reinstated upon a true pathway of desire. Let it be known that our efforts were never in vain. Perhaps it may seem implausible, however, in time, they shall offer us nourishment upon the journey beyond. Yesterday’s manifestation shall make itself known. It shall guide us. Believe. Maintain focus. We shall make a timely arrival. And then, we shall be free to wander the pathways untethered. Tomorrow shall reward our belief. We shall discover what we seek. We shall overcome our fears. GC 205 83


“Justice balanced by the essence of love”

23rd September – 22nd October


We must seek to disengage ourselves from the actions of yesterday. We must unlock ourselves. What is done is done, Libra. Unwarranted regret shall never be welcomed by the horizon. The dark self shall never gain entry. Free ourselves from these shackles, for only then, shall we truly see. We shall understand the truth. Our calling. We shall understand the meaning of adversity. We shall realize how close we are to achieving our goal. The silence must be broken. Speak from the heart and we shall unlock these chains. Only then, shall the depleted levels rise. Only then, shall our eyes be truly opened to the blessings before us. Accept this challenge and the offerings bestowed upon us shall awaken the sleeping giant within. KT 743 99



“The King of Kings. The Hunter of Hunters”

23rd October – 21st November

The final brick is being laid. Our patience shall be rewarded; the pathway shall finally be paved. Now, our journey may begin. Our quest for truth. Those who acknowledge the alternative shall shorten the timeframes of discovery. Make haste, Scorpio, for the construction shall not last forever. External forces continue to place stress upon the supports. Believe in the process. Believe in ourselves. Then, justice shall be ours. Now speak. Do not hold our tongue, for valuable knowledge shall be extracted from within the lines of debate. Furthermore, our voice shall be a beacon to those lost within the darkness. Remember, the reconstruction shall take time. Nevertheless, piece by piece we shall restore the whole. BL 812 27



“The eternal gift. For I am the reliever of sorrow"

22nd November – 21st December

Those who converse with truthful tongues shall be granted their wish, planting their feet within the soils of progression. Courage is the key. We must embrace the disturbance. We must set sail upon the stormy seas. Only then, shall we discover what we seek. Only then, shall we land upon the shores of serenity. New energies encircle our realm. Welcome this change and we shall further our pursuits. And do not fear the debate, for from such words we shall liberate the worthy. An agreement shall be drafted. This shall be the foundation from which we shall construct our tomorrow. And then, the timeline shall be complete and the energies of yesterday and today shall flow in unison. HW 15 654



“As the sands fall, the gate of the Gods shall rise” 

22nd December 19th January

The situation warrants our time to deliberate, Capricorn. It deserves our utmost attention. If we attempt to hasten the timelines before us, we shall forgo the true meaning intended for us. Only the brave shall observe the revival. Follow the plan. If we deviate off course, we shall find ourselves back where we began. Loyalties shall flourish within the warmth of honest tongues. That time has come. We must answer the avoided question for only then shall we eradicate fear from the pathways. Only then, shall we be free. A messenger tells a tale. Listen; for such words shall prove useful in time. They shall be the key to unlocking the final door. Acceptance shall propel us towards completion. And soon, we shall achieve what we started. We already know what must be done. Act now and the slates of time shall be wiped clean. GS 72 704  



“We are the keepers of knowledge, the bearers of dreams”

20th January – 18th February

There is more than meets the eye, Aquarius, nevertheless, only those free from doubt may truly see. Wondrous sights await us, however, time is running out. We cannot allow the tug of war to persist. We cannot continue to grant external forces dominance over our proceedings. We must step forward. We must seek to fix the broken, for only then may we make amends with the forgotten. Free from these chains we shall rise again, this time, with the blinkers removed from our eyes. Only then, may we wander upon a pathway of discovery free from the insecurities of yesteryear. Once we have accepted the alternative, the final chapter may be written. And once we have realized the powers of our word, the beginning of the end shall commence. TU 541 05



“A tale of two tails bound together with eternal love”

19th February – 20th March

The end of uncertainty shall be gained upon the battlegrounds of truth. Then, we shall command the unknown. We shall be free. The answer awaits us, Pisces, nevertheless, we must seek it out. We deserve this. We cannot continue to deny ourselves the opportunity. The time is now. And do not fear the repercussions, for our loyalties shall protect us. We must stand our ground and defend our word. Only when we accept the mistakes of antiquity shall we begin to understand the purpose of our tomorrow. Finally, the turbulent pathways are beginning to wane. The beginning may now begin. However, we must not accept change blindly. It is important that we scrutinize the fine print before we proceed. And that we redraft the blueprints, prioritizing what we believe to be of value. BV 05 974