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Finding Love - A Psychic's Guide

We all deserve that special someone. That one person who knows us inside out. Who shares their life with us and loves us unconditionally in return. For some, it is all so easy. Finding love seems so natural to these people. While for others, sometimes it seems we are never going to find our soulmate. If this sounds like you, stress no further. We have compiled a quick list that will guide you on your path. One that will encourage all the energies of love to flow, right towards Mr or Mrs Right.

Trust that the Universe will Provide

Don’t stress on finding love. Firstly, because our anxieties will interfere with our positive energies. Our spiritual self and the Universe are connected. Our thoughts are heard subsequently creating our own reality. If we are stressing that love will never materialize, then guess what? It won’t! By constantly thinking the worst, this will have a further negative effect on our own spiritual energies. This will be picked up and read by others, often deterring them in the process. Learn to trust that the Universe will provide however only when the time is right. If we try and force the situation, by desperately seeking love with anyone we meet. Then the result is almost never a long lasting relationship.

Let go of our Negative Energies

However painful it may be, we must rid ourselves of past negativity, if we wish to move forward and find love. Energies of the past will always interfere with the energies of today. If we have been hurt and don’t seek to free ourselves of this burden, then our positive energy stream will be affected. Equally, on a spiritual level, others are affected too. The Law of Attraction states that, negativity attracts negativity. Meaning that if we allow the negative energies of the past to dominate our consciousness, we will only ever attract other negative energies in return. People who are positive and open will naturally be put off. By not letting go, we will inevitably always compare the old with the new, another recipe for disaster. If you wish to read further on the benefits to letting go, check out our excellent article HERE on the subject.

Open Ourselves to the World

Following on from the previous point. Once we have rid ourselves of negative energy, we must now move forward, open to the world and full of positivity. If we remain closed off to new experiences then we send a clear message to others – stay away. This may initially push us from our comfort zone, especially if we have been closed for some time. Try and say yes more. If you are invited to a work function, then go, even if you can’t be bothered. Go for that coffee with a colleague, take up a dance class with your friend. The universe will provide when we least expect it however we must first be open, before we are to receive.

The Spiritual Self and Body Language

Our Spiritual self, our unconscious mind and our body language are all interlinked. Whatever we feel on the inside is often always reflected on the outside. If our energies are low, this is portrayed in our external mannerisms. Slouching, leaning, seeming uninterested etc. are all indicators of negative spiritual energy. By working on our internal energies we improve our external ones. We are all connected, and interpret the energies of others. Once our spiritual self is glowing so will our body language. This is a great way to attract others.

Finding Love by Consulting the Stars

Astrology is a great tool in our quest for finding love. Our individual zodiac signs are strong indicators of our personality traits, our values and subsequently our compatibility. All zodiac signs have some level of compatibility however certain signs are naturally drawn to others with varying strengths and weaknesses. For example, Taurus and Scorpio will enjoy a full sexual relationship, while Taurus and Capricorn will connect on a deeper spiritual level. On the other hand Taurus and Aquarius, who could potentially find love, posses such contradicting values that long term relationships rarely last. Learn who are the least favourable matches for you sign and save yourself some time and heart ache down the road. If you wish to speak to one of our zodiac experts for advice, please click HERE


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