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How the Universal Laws Can Help You Let Go

For some, letting go of the past can be one of the most difficult and emotional things they do. For reasons only known to ourselves, as we try to move on from an experience which has hurt us – we hold on. Then we replay the situation, re-suffering all over again. Letting go, however hard we may find it, is a must for our personal and spiritual growth. Eliminating our emotional baggage is paramount in achieving the balance needed for true happiness.

The Universal Laws

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The first step in moving on, is understanding that the energies surrounding us play a crucial role in our emotional state. Everything within our conscious realm vibrates in conjunction with the universe. It is these vibrations which form the energies that influence our daily lives. These are known as the Universal Laws. There are twelve laws in total and our understanding of them serve as the first strides in achieving our goal of happiness. Below is a very brief but useful guide to three of these laws and how they can help you let go of the past.

The Law of Resistance

Resistance creates more resistance. This is one of the fundamental laws of nature. It is for this reason alone why we find the process of letting go of the past is so difficult – we resist change. Emotionally we place an importance on a certain situation. No matter how painful it may be, once we have made the decision to hold on to these memories. The resistance has begun. Fundamentally, we make it harder on ourselves to shed our past experiences and to move on. We must actively take note of this law and make a conscious effort to allow change to happen. We must acknowledge that it is only us that can do this. Once we have surrendered these negative energies the Law of Resistance will work in our favor. Acting with positivity, as a barrier to prevent the same hurting us again.

The Law of Allowing

This is one of the most important laws when letting go. It is vital in achieving a true balance of energies. Once we have acknowledged that we are resisting change, subsequently preventing our own happiness. Only we can make the positive steps in moving forward. By allowing ourselves to adopt a more relaxed approach to our situation we make way for more positive energies to flow into our lives. Essentially this is about acceptance. We must accept our situation, allowing it to hurt us, for then we can learn, heal and then grow. It is only then can new paths begin to flourish. By allowing new situations to arise – ones free from emotional stresses – is the only way we can truly move on.

The Law of Detachment

The final law we must observe, before we can finally let go of our negative past – is Detachment. This doesn’t mean you should physically withdraw yourself from facing your situation, rather referring to a emotional detachment. It is a waste of energy to become emotionally involved in a situation that you can not alter. By detaching ourselves, we become free to live in a world unhindered by our past experiences. Allowing our positive energies to flourish, we begin to look forward to all the possibilities that may arise. Rather than dwelling in the past.

Our negative vibrations are nothing more than a hindrance, and our involvement of not letting go of the past only feeds this energy. While only we can rid ourselves of these energies, you may wish to seek the advice of a psychic reader online. They possess the ability to read the vibrations that surround us, pin pointing the negative before offering guidance.

Why We Must Let Go of the Past

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Once you have addressed that these negative energies are an obstruction to moving one and have acted to rid yourself of them, only now will you experience the true power of a balanced soul. You will begin to see the world in a new, more positive light. Entering into future experiences with a new found optimism. Most of the heart ache you once felt was merely the manifestation of your feeling of no control. You can not control every situation within your life. Realize this and you subsequently shine a light on the areas that you can. This makes you stronger and more mentally prepared to deal with any future upset.

The vibrations of energy that surround us affect all aspects of our lives. We must seek to rid the negativity before we can achieve a true state of happiness. Our energies, not only affect ourselves, they also have an impact on how others perceive us. The Universal Law of Attraction dictates that people with positive energies be drawn to those whom possess the same, and vice versa. If you are surrounded by negativity, then it is negative energies that you will attract.

By refusing to let go of our negative energies of the past, we are interfering with the balance our spiritual self craves. Everything within the universe works on the basis of balance. This means by holding on to such hurtful feelings will only act as an obstacle to achieving this. Only when we free ourselves of this burden will we be truly fulfilled. Life is too short to worry on the past. Everything exists in the present, we can not change what has already happened. So why waste our precious energy on entertaining such feelings?


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