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Life After Death - A Message from the Other Side

It is understandable that after death our loved ones would wish to communicate with us. To try and ease our pain, to let us know that they are alright and to show us that we are still in their hearts. We must remember that once they have passed, their energies now operate on a different frequency to our own meaning that conventional methods of communication are impossible. This is why most visitations are subtle and often dismissed as coincidence. Concentrate on what is happening around us, listen to what our heart is telling us and the message will come through loud and clear.

Dream Visitations

Being visited while we sleep is one of the most common forms of visitations. Naturally we will dream of our dead loved ones, especially when the pain is so recent, however a visitation is something quite different.

People who have had dream visitations describe the experience as something much more profound than the average dream. When talking to people who have experienced such events, they always describe them as powerful, vivid and extremely life like. A message of some kind is almost always relayed. Sometimes this message is instantaneously relevant, words that a meant to soften our pain. Other times, the message will not become apparent until much later.

White Feathers

For reasons unknown to us, the dead seem to have a penchant for white feathers. They have the ability to manifest these feathers with ease and place them in our path for finding. White feathers are a very common sight after someone we love has recently passed away and is a well documented phenomenon.

As for the why this happens? Nobody really knows. Some believe this to be a gift from an Angel, to provide us with comfort and hope. Whatever the reason, there definitely is something reassuring about finding one of these feathers, especially in times of sorrow.

Odd Electrical Occurrences

Since the invention of electricity, people have been experiencing strange oddities to their appliances directly after loosing someone dear. Anything from flickering lights, TVs turning on inexplicable or items breaking altogether. People have even described electrical appliances turning on at specific and often relevant times.

The explanation for this is simple. The energy that exists in all living creatures never dies, it is simply dispersed. So, the energy that was once present in our deceased loved ones has changed, and is now operating on a different frequency. This new frequency comes into direct contact with the frequencies omitted from our electrical appliances, hence the interference.

Sudden Scents

Our sense of smell is intrinsically linked with our memory, more so than any of our other senses. Certain scents can summon even the most deeply hidden or suppressed memories from childhood. We associate and attach different smells to certain people, places and situations. Naturally we will do the same with our loved ones.

Many people experience a sudden scent which automatically reminds them of their deceased loved ones. Something like their father’s aftershave, that suddenly fills the air, even though nobody else is in the room. The scent is almost always inexplicable, meaning that this is clear evidence of a visitation.

Feeling a Presence

We have all experienced that feeling of being watched. The unnerving feeling that someone is looking at you, which is often proven to be correct. This is known as the sixth sense and is roughly the same feeling described by those who have experienced a visitation, however with one clear difference – the feeling is a pleasant one.

Most people describe the sensation as comforting, as if their loved one has extended a reassuring hand to them, telling them that they are OK. Others describe a sensation as being watched over, as if their loved one is looking out for them and protecting them. Eventually these feeling disappear. As our pain subsides, the Spirit’s job is done. They have comforted and guided us, now they can progress on to whatever awaits them.

They Send a Message

While is it is impossible for our loved ones to communicate with us in the conventional ways, there as many other forms a message can take. Remember that now they operate on a different frequency, they have others means of communication at their disposal.

People describe random thoughts suddenly entering their head, words that contain great significance. Others experience a random song playing over and over in their mind, and when they finally analyse the lyrics, the message becomes clear.

Increased Coincidences

A coincidence by it’s very nature will usually always be dismissed. It is a coincidence and nothing more. However coincidences are rare and normally only happen in singular events. So how do we explain a sudden increase in them? One explanation is a visitation.

Many people describe two or three coincidences occurring, directly relating to their deceased loved ones and in quick concession. In normal situations the chances of this happening are incredibly slight, however we tend to hear this phenomenon occurring more and more after someone has died.

This could quite possibly be our loved ones, manipulating the energies around us to steer certain situations towards us. By doing so they can relay a message, one only relevant to us. A message that says they are still here.

Have you had any visitations similar to the ones outlined above? Or perhaps you’ve experienced something completely different. Either way we would love to hear your stories.


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