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Reincarnation - The Five Most Compelling Cases

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Have you lived before? The concept is of course very appealing. The idea that we are to be reborn. That our soul’s journey is not over and that there is still much to learn in this physical realm. The belief is predominately associated with South and East Asian traditions especially Hinduism. We do however see reincarnation being discussed by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, and Druids. The West has largely rejected the idea, however there are many unexplained incidences that we simply can not ignore. While reincarnation has never been proven, one must admit that the evidence can be compelling. Below we have compiled a short list of what we believe to be the five most interesting. We hope you enjoy.

The Boy From Barra

An image of Cameron Macaulay - The Boy from Barra
Photo of Cameron

Cameron Macaulay was your average six year old boy. He played football, he loves his Mum and he enjoys drawing pictures of his house. However, instead of drawing pictures of his own house in Glasgow, Cameron always draws a white bungalow by the sea. He says it’s on the Isle of Barra, just off the west coast of Scotland. A house he claims to have lived in, in a previous life.

Almost from the moment Cameron could talk he would tell his mother, Norma, that he was from Barra and that he had three brothers and sisters. He spoke of his house on the beach, where planes would land. He spoke of his black and white pet dog and of his father, Shane Robertson, who had died in a car accident. Obviously Norma dismissed these claims at first, however she became increasingly disturbed as she watched her son become ever more distressed over missing his beloved island and family.

Norma decided to take Cameron to Barra in the hope of alleviating his grief. They boarded a plane and flew the hour long journey to the island. They landed on a beach. There they found the white house from Cameron’s drawings, owned by the Robertson family. Upon inspecting the Robertson’s photographs they saw that they did once own a black and white dog. It was obvious that Cameron knew the house well. He could navigate between the rooms with ease pointing out it’s more unusual features. The only thing that didn’t correspond with Cameron’s story was his father. He did recognise the car which supposedly killed his father, in another photo, however the family did not know of a Shane Robertson.

The Reincarnation of Bridey Murphy

An image of Bridey Murphy from 1956 film "The Search for Bridey Murphy"
Image taken from The Search for Bridey Murphy Film (1956)

Probably the most documented and well known cases of reincarnation is that of Virginia Tighe. A housewife from Colorado who had her entire life turned upside down due to her experience. In 1952, Morey Bernstein, a local businessman and amateur hypnotist attempted to regress Virginia back to her previous life. He documented six studies with Virginia, the first session she recalled the life of a baby which had died. Then emerged Bridey Murphy.

Now speaking with a thick Irish accent, Virginia went on to describe herself as Bridey Murphy, a lady who lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the mid 19th century. She described with great detail many aspects of Bridey’s life. She recalled that she was born in Cork in 1798, the daughter of a Protestant barrister named Duncan Murphy. That she had a brother called Duncan Murphy who married Aimee Strayne. When Bridey was twenty she married a Catholic man called Brian McCarthy, also the son of a barrister. That they both moved to Belfast where Brian became a teacher of law at Queen’s University and that she died aged sixty-six with no children.

Much of what Virginia said is still to be verified, however there is one thing she recalled that has been. During one of her sessions Virginia (as Bridey) described where she would buy her groceries – from a Mr Carrigan and a Mr Farr. Both these two gentleman are listed in the town directory of 1865, both as grocers.

Many documentaries and books have been made either trying to prove or disprove Virginia’s story. Virginia rejected any opportunity to cash in on her experience and lived a life trying to escape Bridey Murphy.

The Pilot

Picture of James Leininger and James Hudson Jr
James Leininger (Left) James Hudson Jr (Right)

James Leininger was obsessed with aeroplanes. From a very young age they were all he was interested in. They were the only toys he would play with and all he would speak about was flying. Unfortunately James’ obsession soon became a nightmare. Every night he would awake screaming from the most vivid dreams. He described many planes flying the sky, the sound of weapons and then an explosion – an accident with his plane.

James had knowledge of aircrafts that no three old would normally have. He could describe what a drop tank was on a fighter plane, and was able to preform pre-flight checks similarly to a real pilot. He told his father that he would take of from a Pacific ship called Natoma and that his co-pilot was named Jack Larson. Also he told his father that he had been killed, shot down at Iwo Jima in Japan.

After some research James’ father learned that almost everything his son was saying was true. The Natoma was indeed a Pacific ship. Jack Larson was real and still alive. His father also discovered that a pilot named James Hudson Jr had been shot down and killed at Iwo Jima. This shocked him the most because his son had just started signing all of his drawings, James III.

Parmod Sharma

an image of Indian cookies
Parmod would constantly talk of his cookie buisness.

In Bisauli India, 1946, a two year old Parmod Sharma told his mother that she needn’t bother cooking for him anymore because his wife in Moradabad would do it. At the age of three Parmod began talking of his business, Mohan Brothers which he owned and ran with his family selling cookies. He described how he was a well-to-do businessman and he complained about the lack of luxuries his new family could afford.

Parmod refused to eat curd and would advise his parents to do the same. He said that curd had made him very ill in his previous life. He also hated taking baths because he had previously died in one.

His parents decided to take the 90 mile journey to Moradabad in the hope to disprove these claims. There they discovered there actually was cookie shop named Mohan Brothers, owned by a family called Mehra. The manager of the shop Parmanand Mehra had died in 1943 after consuming a large amount of curd, consequently dying from peritonitis. Parmanand had been taking herbal baths as a remedy for his illness and he had just taken one before he died.

The Druze Boy

Image of the Golan Heights
View of The Golan Heights

Our final story about reincarnation takes us to the Golan Heights on the Syrian/Israel border. Most of the details have been kept secret to protect the boys identity however the case is still well documented. A boy was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. The Druze people, who believe in reincarnation, regard birthmarks to be the outcome of a past-life death. As soon as the boy could talk he began to describe the grizzly details of his own previous death. He had been killed by a blow to the head with an axe.

He told his parents that he knew where he had been buried. Finally after pleading with his parents to take him, they succumbed. The boy took his parents straight to where we claimed to buried. His father began to dig, where to his horror he unearthed a skeleton. The skull of the skeleton had clear evidence of an axe attack with a large gaping hole directly where the boy’s birthmark is. Furthermore, the boy knew where the murder weapon was hidden, which his father also dug up.

An Israeli doctor, Dr Eli Lasch heard these stories and went to meet with boy. He tells Dr Lasch his previous name and the village where he used to live. They go to the village where they are told, that a man with the same name disappeared around four years earlier. Dr Lasch documented that the boy seemed to know his way around the village and that he knew all the villagers by name. Finally the boy informs Dr Lasch of the man who killed him. Dr Lasch hunts the man down who subsequently admits to killing a man with an axe four years ago.


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