Relationship Goals That Matter

Here at Psychic Mix, we are contacted by many people who are looking for love, however, one thing we have noticed is an increasing rise in unrealistic relationship goals. People seem to be striving for the “perfect relationship” while ignoring the simplest things that create a lasting relationship. When Love is so difficult to find, it seems baffling that people would impose further restrictions and requirements. We blame social media! Are you looking for love? Have you ever thought about your relationship goals? Below is a list of things we should all be striving for.



a young couple having fun on the beach

As Laura Hendrick’s poem so rightly puts it; Love is friendship set on fire. Bizarre as it may seem, we’ve heard it said many times “I love them, but I wouldn’t be friends with them” Our potential soulmate must be our best friend, someone who knows the most intricate parts of our personalities, someone who we have fun with (yes relationships are supposed to be fun!) and have a deep connection with.



Two gay men holding hands

The relationships that last are the relationships that keep the romance alive. Real romance doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, rather it should be intimate and caring. Breakfast in bed, gazing at the stars, or even the simple act of holding hands re-establishes a bond and keeps us closer, aahhh!



a couple walking through the woods

New experiences make us grow. Shared new experiences make the relationship grow. From a bungee jump to a simple day out and everything in between, doing things together will make us stronger. We have to want to do things with our partner, if not then what’s the point?



two fingers with faces drawn on holding a coin

So you're willing to share your life with someone but not your money? Or your partner hides their finances from you? We are not saying open a joint bank account with your new bae (that would be weird!) rather share the responsibilities and be open and honest about money. You are a unit that should tackle everything together, even the bills.



A man holding his head because he is ill.

This sounds kind of obvious, right? Taking care of each other when we’re sick! Unfortunately for some, this is not the case. You're a team, so when one goes down the other should instinctively take up the slack while also nursing them back to health. A simple goal that goes a long way in showing how much someone cares.



Two elk butting heads

If every time you fight there is the potential of breaking up, then unfortunately you may be on borrowed time. All couples fight however the ones that last use fighting as a way to learn. An argument shouldn’t have a winner, it should be a disagreement that eventually arrives at the truth. Also truly acknowledging you are wrong and saying that your sorry, will turn an argument into a deeper bond (are you listening men?)



someone holding some soil with a small plant growing out of it

What is a relationship if it’s not going anywhere? If only one person is planning for the future while the other remains silent, then we are not on the same page. We must both be open about our expectations of the future and both seek to fulfill that goal



A Horse pulling a funny face that looks like laughter

Couples that laugh together, stay together. A relationship should never be a chore, it’s fun! You must enjoy each other company and want to spend time with one another. Also as a relationship goal, we must not be afraid to show our goofy side with our partner. Why be so serious all the time? Have fun together, even if you are just sat at home watching a movie.



a happy young couple each holding half a heart shape which they are putting back together.