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The Law of Attraction and Negative Thoughts

Working with the Law of Attraction happens whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. Less than a year ago, I was stuck in a situation that I felt powerless to change, but once I started embracing the Law of Attraction (and seeking help from a psychic, which ultimately allowed me to confidently help myself), I realized everything was possible. I have now moved onto bigger and better things, and I am so grateful that the universe aligned for me the way it did. Now, one of my favourite things to do is help other people who are just starting to work with the Law of Attraction, because I know exactly how it feels when you’re unsure of what to do, but you want to make things better.

My friend and I met up earlier in the week, and over a late lunch, she asked a pretty solid question:

"I’m trying to manifest a new job, but sometimes it’s just like, ‘I’m never going to find something that’s exactly what I want,’ and then I spiral with negative thoughts and I just need to stop thinking about it. I keep f*cking this up."

If you find yourself wanting to manifest something (let’s borrow the “new job” example) and you’re super-ready to just dive straight in, your manifestation “squad” includes the following cheerleaders: positivity, gratitude, emotion, and belief.

If you’re working to keep a positive mindset, you’ll regularly find ways to express gratitude. Hand-in-hand, this mindset generates positive emotions, which raises your vibrations, making you a direct line to all the abundance the universe wants to give you. Which brings us to belief.

"If I have negative thoughts, does that mean the universe won’t bring me what I ask for? When I have negative thoughts and get overwhelmed by them, does that mean I really don’t believe?"

Manifestation is really (amazingly, wonderfully) such a different process for everyone on this Earth. Some techniques work better for me than for my best friend, and vice versa. So I can’t tell you how deep your thinking patterns go, where they come from, or the specific moment in your life that changed the way you view things like wealth, love, etc. But with truth and conviction, I can tell you this: You can’t control your thoughts 100% of the time, and that’s okay.

Seriously. If you were to sift through each and every thought you had per day, you’d be sorting through thousands and thousands, and they can range from basic (“I need to pee.”) to inane (“It’s snowing again.”) to redundant (“It’s still snowing, oh my gosh.”) to— well, you get the idea. As soon as those thoughts carry emotional weight (be they positive or negative), they resonate with us and stick around for longer. Logically, we know that the Law of Attraction does not move on our timetable because our concept of time is irrelevant to the universe. Emotionally, especially when we’re really attached to the idea of a new job, a new car, a new house, etc. the waiting game can turn into:

“I tried to stay positive but then I had one negative thought and OMG that’s how I must truly feel inside because I had that one thought when I wasn’t trying to be negative.”

You had one negative thought. You had a doubt. You had an uncertainty. That’s not a problem, I swear. Yes, your emotionally-charged thoughts are more powerful than your other ones, but as soon as you have that negative thought: catch yourself.

So if you’re sitting there and your mind wanders to your new job and you’re thinking about how great it will be with your own office, better hours, and a higher pay-grade: great! If that train suddenly rolls into the territory of: “I’ll never get this position.” STOP IT. Stop it quickly and efficiently before it turns into “I’ll never get this position, and anyway, my boss is going to be a total nightmare, the pay-raise isn’t that great, I don’t deserve this job…” etc etc.

Catch yourself having that first negative thought and turn it around quickly. “I’ll never get this position,” turns into “I love this job, it really enhances my quality of life.” Right away. Flip the thought as soon as you have it, and then move onto something else, even if it has to be a string of far less emotionally-charged thoughts, like what you’re eating for dinner, or busying yourself with something like laundry, or starting a new book.

If you find that your thoughts keep wanting to jump back onto the negativity train (because we naturally tend to think about things we know we shouldn’t), visualize. I always envision a giant, bright-red stop sign acting as the infallible gatekeeper, while my negative thoughts pop up as large, slimy fish. Every time a negative thought tries to worm its way past, it smacks against the stop sign with a satisfying thunk, and is hurled back into the water, where it turns into a normal fish, never to bother me again.

Everyone has a second or even a moment of doubt. Sometimes getting what we want might even be scary, because it’s different from what we are used to. But recognizing that you’re thinking negatively and changing it is a great first step. Dissolve the thought and get back on track. The universe knows what you want, and it won’t stop trying to give it to you just because you weren’t sure of yourself for an unguarded second, moment, or maybe even a day. If you’re truly not sure of what you want anymore, ask the universe for signs, something specific to you that lets you know you’re on the right path.

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