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The Story Behind Black Cat Tarot

Written by Black Cat Tarot of Psychic Mix

It all began in the early hours of July 14, 2015, in the Grafton Cemetery, in Auckland New Zealand, where a little black cat had lost her way. The stars aligned, literally, as singer Ryan Adams and his team of Wizards rescued this little cat while in New Zealand, doing a concert. Adam’s fans lovingly named this special cat Wednesday Adams.

Picture of the cat Wednesday Adams
Wednesday Adams in the cemetry

A few days later, on the North Shore, in Auckland, Psychic Medium Brigid was looking to adopt a cat. Brigid had recovered from Breast Cancer and wanted to open her heart and home to a furry companion. She contacted Lonely Miaow and was soon connected with what was thought to be “just an ordinary cat”.

Wednesday found her way to her new home and it was soon identified that Wednesday was a very special cat. Not the friendliest cat, full of fear and mistrust, she would keep her distance. However, she found her healing in the energy of Brigid’s Reading Room and would appear every time Brigid had a client or Brigid was holding a Spiritual workshop. Wednesday soon became popular with clients who would ask after her when they would call for a reading.

A woman (Brigid) holding a cat (Wednesday Adams)
Wednesday Adams with Bridgid

But Wednesday is Black and White you say! Some associate cats colored black as evil, but black can also mean protection from bad things, while white represents good things in the future and purity of spirit. A combination is both those things and is viewed as a blessing of balance and prosperity.

This is what Wednesday brings to Black Cat Tarot. Wednesday loves the clients, singing bowls and cat treats.

Black Tarot Cat specializes in; Spirituality, Psychic Medium. Tarot, Numerology

Covert Connection. Online relationships Love and Career, seven-year cycles.

If you would like a reading with Brigid aka Black Tarot Cat, chat with her live at Psychic Mix.


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