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Birth Chart By The Merry Man

Birth Chart By The Merry Man

£150.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price

Do you enjoy the Merry Man's horoscopes? Are you looking for further insight into your personality and situations? The Merry Man is now offering full birth chart readings, providing you with a deep understanding of yourself and your path.


What is an Astrology Birth Chart?

Imagine a birth chart as a guidebook to you! It maps the exact alignments of the planetary system as they traveled around the Sun at the time of your birth. This will give you a deep understanding of all aspects of your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and offering you guidance on life's lessons. Only when you truly know yourself can you fully unlock your true potential.


What Will I Receive With My Birth Chart?

A great deal of time and effort will go into your chart and it will contain your full and personal zodiac footprint. This means an analysis of all twelve houses of the Zodiac, the entire planetary system including Lunar Nodes, Lilith and Chiron. This will be written personally by the Merry Man himself. You will receive your reading as a PDF file.


Please be aware that the Merry Man has his own unique style, if you are unfamiliar with his work, please view his horoscopes HERE before purchasing.


When Will I Receive My Order?

A lot of work will go into your chart, so please allow 5 working days for your order. 


How to Order?

Payments will be securely made through PayPal.  

Please be aware that the Merry Man is only one person, please allow a maximum of 5 working days for your delivery. Once you have placed your order we will contact you informing you when your order will be complete.  


After payment has been made you will receive confimation of your order. From here you will be able to submit your details to the Merry Man.  


Please note that without the time of birth, your chart will not contain the Ascendant or House positions.


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