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10 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

The term “psychic gift” can be somewhat misleading. The truth is that on some level we all posses psychic powers, we just have never learned how to properly use them. Most of our psychic abilities are present from birth however they diminish as we get older; a psychic is simply someone who never lost that specific skill, and developed them over time. Many people still have the ability, in varying degrees and experience certain things they can not explain. Below we have compiled the top ten signs that you may have experienced, to help see if you posses the psychic “gift”.

You Experience Visions

Often described as something similar to a vivid daydream, visions can take many forms. They most often (but not exclusively) will depict a future event, usually something in the immediate future. They usually start off quite mundane, your partner walking through the door or your phone is going to ring. Then as time progress they become more significant. Some people will experience them when sleeping, while taking a quick nap. If you are having visions of any kind, this is a great sign you have psychic powers.

You are Very Intuitive

Are you intuitive? Do you change your mind at the last minute and it pays off? Do you know what people are going to say before they say it? Or know when someone is about to call? If the answer is yes, then you are intuitive. Psychic abilities and intuition go hand in hand. Try and see if you can hone your intuition and see where it leads you.

You Trust Your Gut

This is fairly similar to intuition however people who experience them describe them as different feelings. While your intuitive moments are quick, a snap decision in the mind before it happens, the “feeling in your gut” is a deeper, more longing feeling. Usually associated with a negative situation, people explain the feeling as an overwhelming urge not to go because something bad may happen.

You Have Already Made Accurate Predictions

This is an obvious one. Have you predicted anything that has come true? If so you may have psychic powers. It doesn’t have to be anything big, we must all walk before we can run. If you often predict how a situation will unfold you probably have the gift and you should seek to build upon these skills.

You are In-Tune with Energies

Energy surrounds us and is one of the main ways psychic readers make their predictions. Energy vibrates positively or negatively depending on certain situations and path. A psychic reader can interpret these vibrations which enables them to make a prediction. Do you feel or sense the energies that surround you? Can you feel the negative energy in a room after an argument for example? Can you feel when someone has positive energy around them. If so, this is a huge indicator of psychic abilities.

You Experience Deja Vu Regularly

Described as a strange sense of knowledge regarding a certain place or person. Deja vu is an unusual phenomenon that scientists can not explain. Some people never experience it in their lives while others experience it on a regular basis. Those who have Deja vu more frequently usually always tend to posses some psychic powers.

You Have Powerful and Vivid Dreams

Usually everyone with psychic abilities speak of their vivid dreams. Now of course everyone dreams vividly from time to time however psychics describe it as more profound than usual. There are three types of psychic dreams you may experience; Precognitive, which is where future events unfold while you sleep; Telepathic, where you make contact with someone who has passed to Spirit and Clairvoyant which are usually messages from guides regarding you present situations. If you believe you are having any of these types of dreams the best thing to do is keep a dream journal. Then you can analyse them when you are awake.

You Can See Auras

They say that children posses higher psychic powers than adults which then sadly diminish over time. Have you ever noticed how children’s drawings always depict a sense of colour, usually radiating from a person. This is a person's Aura. The Aura is a visual representation of the energies that surround us. The colours indicate how positive or negative the energy is. Many psychics have retained this ability and use it when making their predictions. Do you see Auras? If so you may posses psychic powers as well.

You Feel Energy from Objects

Known as psychometry, this is the ability to pick up on energies that are held deep within an specific object. For example, have you ever touched an old watch and felt a sudden connection with it, sensing the previous owner and the paths they once took? Much research has taken place studying this phenomenon, especially by Gustav Pagenstecher, a German doctor and researcher who first discovered that one of his patients possessed these abilities.

You are Drawn to the Spiritual World

To you have an interest in the spiritual world? Do you dabble with tarot cards? Do you own runes stones or crystals? This passion can indicate that you are being guided by Spirit with the goal of honing your psychic powers.

If you have experienced any of the above then the chances are high that you have psychic abilities. The best advice we can give is to really concentrate on that specific skill, really try and improve on it. Perhaps you could talk to another psychic and see what advice your guides are telling you. The process will be slow but definitely worth it.

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