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What is Psychic Energy?

Many people are sceptical of having a psychic reading. What is psychic energy? Is it nothing more than a party trick? How can somebody know what hasn’t happened yet? Or give specific information on a person they have never met? Scepticism is a healthy reaction to the unknown especially in our age of scientific discovery. The unexplained is cast aside as “hocus-pocus”. Obviously some will scrutinize psychic abilities in the same manner. While many alternative practices are certainly “out there”, the psychic realm is not one of them. Both scientists and sceptics alike can not deny one aspect, which psychic readers have spoken on for centuries. The existence of energy.


Energy is the fundamental law that governs all life. This is not science fiction but science fact! Some scientists even believe that energy is the key to our own consciousness. There is currently much research taking place in regards to the benefits of energy. Including it’s healing properties. Take the ancient practices of Tai Chi or acupuncture – both used to manipulate our energies for the better. Energy is a proven reality. Emitted from every living creature it carries an abundance of information, similar to the wireless technologies of today. Our brain relays information on a continual basis, processing billions of pieces of information every second. These are processed in the form of electricity. Furthermore, the energy never dies, it merely transfers. Consequently, the energy from our brains expands outwards, it is not just contained to the space between our ears. Not only humans, but even crystals are known to emit and store energy.


Psychic readers are not superhuman or supernatural beings. They are normal people who have developed a skill. One which we all possess. While not all psychics are energy readers and many use other methods, such as mediumship or spiritual guides. They all fundamentally work from the same principle by directly interpreting the psychic energies of their client. The reader doesn’t see the future, they merely decipher the information embedded in the energy.

Our external energies change with every encounter we have. As they interact with the energies of others. It is by studying these interactions that the psychic reader can make their predictions. These are not routed in future visions or scenarios as our free will can change any path foreseen. They rather predict the most likely outcome based upon your current energy levels. For example, if you continue with this path, subsequently X, Y or Z will occur. Why not Chat with a Psychic and let them see what your energy levels are saying.


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